Comprehensive Fertility Care - Naturally
Creating Your Healthiest Baby with Fertility Experts 

This FREE 21-day Virtual Event is designed to guide you along your fertility journey taking you from overwhelm to holding your healthy newborn.    

Commonly Asked Questions about the FREE Fertility Academy: 

#1 How does the Fertility Academy work?
Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary will be your guides - interviewing each of our hand-picked experts. 
Starting April 11th you will receive a daily interview with one of our fertility experts into your inbox from For 21 days you will receive a new interview each day. Each interview is 20-40 minutes so you can take in these actionable insights even if you have a busy schedule. Each interview will be live for 24 hours.  

#2 What if I miss an interview? 
When you register, you'll have the option to buy the All Access Pass which includes the library of recorded interviews, as well as some special gifts, for just $47. 

#3 Who is the Fertility Academy for?
The Fertility Academy is designed to help women who would like to get pregnant in the next 2 years. Whether you are a women over 40, or a women struggling with ovulation issues, miscarriages, endometriosis, PCOS, considering IVF or currently in IVF, or experiencing stress on your fertility journey -this event is for you!
"This intensive and this zoom recap has been truly wonderful. Just want to say thank you for all of the information and the time you all have given to us".  
Allison, South Carolina 

Solving Your Fertility Issues

All the fertility information coming at you through email and on social media can feel so overwhelming.  You may be reading books, talking to friends, and listing to podcasts to try to understand the best way to get pregnant.  Look no further.  

The Fertility Academy is here to help give you all you need to help solve your fertility issues, get pregnant, and stay pregnant  - so you can have the baby in your dreams.  

The Fertility Academy features two Board-Certified Doctors interviewing trusted practitioners dedicated to helping you understand your next steps to pregnancy. Each day you will learn actionable insights from fertility experts with years of clinical experience. 

What You'll Learn:

  • ​Stress management techniques for a calm & joyful fertility journey 
  • ​All things hormones - fixing hormone issues including getting off birth control, overcoming PCOS & endometriosis 
  • ​Optimizing ovulation and your luteal phase 
  • ​Hidden causes of infertility 
  • Natural IVF and mild stimulation IVF with a world-renowned Reproductive Endocrinologists
  • ​Pearls from expert fertility Acupuncturists 
  • ​How partners can foster sexual connection during this process 
  • ​Questions to ask your Reproductive endocrinologist 
  • ​Working with your energy to raise your vibration and invite your spirit baby 
  • ​Fertility over 40
  • ​The connection between your gut health and fertility 
  • ​Why fistfuls of supplements may not be the answer 
  • ​Breathwork and yoga to heal your stress 
  • ​and more!
"I can't believe this was free - each speaker interview was so valuable - I didn't miss one!  Love you two!"
Abby, from Connecticut 

Cultivate Fertility Founders,
Dr. Kara Burkhart and Dr. Hillary Fredrickson

Cultivate Fertility was born from over 30 years of clinical medical practice in women's health and our own fertility challenges. We are natural fertility specialists and experts in functional medicine, dietary supplements, nutrition, and acupuncture.  Our mission is to help you plant seeds to cultivate your happiest and healthiest family.

Stop the endless researching - let the top fertility experts come to you.  Join us for this FREE Virtual Intensive featuring naturopathic doctors, reproductive endocrinologists, acupuncturists, Ob-gyns, nutritionists, yoga teachers, mindset experts and professionals with years of experience supporting women on fertility journeys.  

"This Intensive has lifted my spirits!  Thank you so much - love this and all of the Cultivate Fertility speakers.  Really appreciate it."
Katie, California 

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